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Benefits of BIM modeling for Smart Hospitality Construction

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BIM is a core part of the revolution in the construction industry. Its benefits are prominent for architects, engineers, and contractors whether they are for sky-high buildings or luxurious hotels in the hospitality sector. BIM has possibly been the best solution for the challenges faced by construction professionals catering to hotel industry, due to the complex nature of structures.

The combination of VDC & BIM helps to create the best quality 3D models of the building structure. Thus, created virtual 3D model can be used across construction stages such as planning, design, implementation, and documentation. However, BIM modeling, to facilitate the Hospitality industry, should evolve fast and with higher accuracy for serving all involved in the construction project to visualize the impact of proposed hotel designs.

Major advantages of BIM modeling that every Hotel owners should know:

  • Constructed Hotels faster & more effective process with BIM
  • Better visualization of building a structure for design, analyzing, and simulation
  • Accurate quality
  • Save lead-time & Cost
  • Improved Document Coordination
  • Expectedness & Better Control
  • Help in the pre-fabrication process
  • Reduce the on-site risk
  • Well coordinate with al AEC professionals
  • Can help to make a smooth workflow for smooth development
  • Can serve different multi-disciplinary like architectural, engineering, structural & MEP

We at Hi-Tech BIM Services help building design engineering and construction companies to attain enhanced performance and reduce project costs within the estimated time.

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