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How Intelligent 3D Models With Time and Schedule Information Make Construction Site Logistics More Efficient?​

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Diverse aspects such as the initial design completion time, the final design completion time, the period required for developing the comprehensive BOM and the sequence or schedule of procedures to be undertaken are to be considered for any particular building construction project.

Technical measurements and designs, apart from the above mentioned aspects, are equally important to the success of the construction project. And, to ensure that all the individual steps of any particular project go hand in hand with the client’s specifications, and to efficiently strategizing site logistics, construction firms are required to link intelligent 3D models with time or schedule information.

BIM services providers deliver 4D BIM construction scheduling services to work closely with the site engineers and to help them make informed decisions. The phasing outputs for site logistics and planning during construction stage are set against predefined timelines to visualize the progress and compare actual construction against planned.

The BIM 4D modeling services rely on different vital variables for their correct and accurate implementation. These variables include the definite project location, the material quantities, labor costs and the overall efficiency etc. An integrated relationship between the diverse variables ensures improved implications of BIM on the projects.

Practical benefits of the BIM 4D modeling services include:

  • Real time management of the projects
  • Enhanced use of the available resources
  • Easy project management with a visual sequencing of tasks
  • Better resolution of any design clashes
  • Precise time and cost estimation of the projects

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